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Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Bathgate Flooring offer a wide range of vinyl flooring tiles in a variety of different styles and colours. Our over 20 years experience in installation of commercial and industrial vinyl flooring allows us to offer valuable advice on what is the best vinyl tile product for your project and our qualified fitters will ensure a flawless installation of vinyl tiles.

Vinyl flooring tiles share many of the same properties as vinyl sheet. It is identical in construction to vinyl sheet and it offers all the same benefits of durability and versatility, stain-resistance and water-proofing, as well as the multitude of colours and designs and simulations of other flooring materials. In addition, the module tile format of vinyl flooring tiles gives you even more flexibility in design options, allowing you to use different colours in a combination of different tiles to create different visual effects. Modern vinyl tiles are also available in different-sized squares.

Vinyl flooring tiles have a lower life expectancy than vinyl sheet but that also depends on the initial quality of the vinyl tiles used and the level of care and maintenance it receives. Like sheet vinyl, the thicker vinyl flooring tiles are the more durable and long-wearing they will be. However, although vinyl flooring tiles have a lower life-expectancy, it is much easier and cheaper to repair as only the damaged or stained portion needs to be replaced.

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