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Site Surveys and Reports

After your initial contact we will arrange a site visit provide free on-site surveys of your sub floors and testing accredited to BS8203 for all commercial clients as standard. Our sub floor site surveys include checking for damage, loose subfloors or structural movement.

  • Concrete laitance, which is where water in the concrete brings with it to the surface concrete fats, forming a layer known as laitance which is crunchy and friable (this leaves the floor weak and needs to be mechanically removed prior to top floor layer installation).

  • Damp or residual humidity, including testing to establish whether levels of damp are higher than the recommended maximum.

  • Levelling problems.

  • Weak or rotted floor boards.

  • Anything else that can cause the top floor layer to fail or under-perform.

Using our experience and technical knowledge, we can detect any sub floor problems immediately through site surveys. But if the need arises we can run further expert tests using industry recognised independent experts to establish why the subfloor is failing, and provide reports on our findings together with our recommended solutions, all at cost to the client.


Floors are far more susceptible to failing if the correct site surveys and subfloor preparation have not been carried out properly.

Using the latest technology we are able to offer environmentally friendly, effective solutions to almost any flooring problem encountered. Our wide experience of differing products and situations in the commercial and industrial fields enables our team to advise you on all aspects of the flooring process. This includes a full job specification and makes provision for sub floor preparation, supplying and laying the flooring material.

Sub flooring site surveys are essential in the process of installing a cost-effective, long-lasting floor.

Contact us for more information on site surveys and reports.

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