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Floor Preparation

Uplifts & disposal

Bathgate Flooring offers a full uplift and disposal of existing floor coverings and re-surfacing of sub-floors with suitable smoothing compounds or plywood sheeting. We are very aware of the environmental impact and as a part of our environmental policy we recycle the uplifted flooring where possible.

Floor Preparation

Sub floor preparation is the key to ensure a superior final finish. We assess each individual flooring project and advice on the type of floor preparation it requires.
Based on the survey we have the equipment & experience to carry out the most effective industrial floor preparation process, including repairs to cracks & holes so that the applied flooring achieves the best possible finish.
Shot blasting

One of the most important aspects of any flooring project is floor preparation. Shot blasting is universally recognised for its versatility and wide range of applications it produces a superior surface ready for further work. The removal of laitance, paint and coatings from a concrete floor is quick, and virtually dust free floor preparation, and the remaining surface has a texture which is perfect to key new finishes.

Grit blasting

It is still a cost effective method of floor preparation or renovation. We can prepare surfaces from the softest, most delicate brick or stone to the hardest piece of steelwork. This is achieved with specialised equipment and blast media. All media used are silica free and C.O.S.S.H. sheets will be supplied for your records.


Scarifying is the most effective way of floor preparation that reduces high spots in concrete or removes flexible or extremely resilient surface finishes, where only a mechanical abrasion method will work effectively.
The applications for floor preparation and maintenance are vast, including removing paint, epoxies, and screeds, and grooving of concrete for extreme slip resistance, such as in agricultural buildings, car park, retail and industrial ramps.

Diamond grinding

We offer the service of vacuum assisted diamond grinding for the preparation of horizontal surfaces and levelling off uneven concrete or asphalt surfaces.
With this innovative floor preparation process, adhesives, old latex and resin are removed to leave a slightly porous, dead flat finish ready for re-laying. It also eliminates a need for latex in order to achieve the desired surface.


Floor preparation is a crucial process in achieving the best result for the completed project.
We use the highest quality screeds and primers to make sure our customers receive the best service possible.

Latex and self levelling screeds

These screeds are applied up to 3mm in thickness to provide a smooth surface and are used prior to a floor covering being fitted. This sub floor preparation is essential for the floor covering that is to both perform and enhance the resilience.

Fast setting screed

It provides a fast track solution to a high-performance, flat surface ready for direct application of vinyls and carpets, minimising down time. They have been developed for optimum speed, allowing foot traffic within as little as just a few hours and can be ready to receive final floor covering in as little as 24 hours. There are products for use in insulated, acoustic or heated floors and a range of thicker floating and bonded screeds suitable for any floor levelling requirement.

Polyurethane Screeds

Polyurethane screeds are applied at thickness of 6mm to 9mm and offer the highest level of durability available. They are designed to provide heavy-duty resistance to abrasion, chemical attack and other physical aggression.
Polyurethane screeds are ideal in heavy duty environments, wet or dry such as a chemical processing, brewing, food processing, and heavy duty engineering areas.

Cementitious Pump Screeds

Cementitious pump screeds provide a high performance, heavy duty, cost effective flooring solution to any industrial or commercial environment.
Pump screeds can be laid to a thickness of between 6mm to 20mm and up to 2000 sq mtrs per day.
This floor preparation system is ideal to renovate any old or badly damaged floor in the shortest time possible. They are quick drying and can allow foot traffic within a few hours after the screed has been laid and can be ready to receive vehicle traffic in 24 hours.

Epoxy Resin Screeds

Epoxy resin screeds are applied between 2mm and 5mm in thickness to provide a smooth, seamless and easily cleaned surface with excellent resistance to abrasion and chemicals.
Epoxy resin screeds are ideal for medium to heavy duty environments, such as laboratories, food processing, engineering and pharmaceuticals.
Epoxy resin screeds come in a variety of colours and finishes. These can be enhanced, with decorative flakes and coloured aggregate to produce a wide range of exciting floor finishes.

Damp Proof Membranes

Damp proof membranes are used where damp floor issues occur or there is a possibility it could occur. We will provide a free consultation and carry out protimeter moisture measurement reading. This assesses moisture conditions in buildings to aid understanding of how and why damp conditions may prevail and test the suitability of the floor and whether a damp proof membrane is necessary.

Two options are available when faced with a damp floor: replace the damp floor, or fully isolate the dampness from the flooring. If the slab is in poor condition it is often best to replace the slab and to include a damp proof membrane below this. However, in many properties the floor cannot be removed and so a damp proof membrane must be laid above to protect the new floor finish from the dampness within the slab.

For damp or wet floors, we supply a full range of floor membrane products.

Often where a new slab has been laid, commercial time constraints dictate that the floor finish is laid before the new slab is fully dry. Our floor membrane products can be laid as soon as the ’green’ slab can take pedestrian traffic (often the next day), allowing for even moisture sensitive flooring to be laid almost immediately.

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