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Duckboard Safety Matting

Duckboard safety matting has a great variety of usage in various locations. It is very practical and diverse, some of the types include:

Heavy duty loose lay rubber mats suitable for sports areas, weight training, skating rinks, golf clubs, gymnasiums, horse trailers and stables.

Loose-lay interlocking floor tiles for noise and shock absorption in gymnasiums and weight training areas. Made from 100% rubber with bevelled edges and textured surface for safety.

Light duty safety matting which is decorative, soft and hardwearing. These mats are suitable for light industrial or commercial areas, where slip resistance is required.

Self-draining safety matting for all sports and leisure surroundings. Mats are made from strong yet flexible PVC sections with channelled underbars for increased multi-directional drainage of large amounts of water. This safety matting contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal additives and is effective both indoors and outdoors. Applications include: Shower rooms, changing rooms, swimming pool surrounds, saunas, washrooms.
Extra attractive, smooth surface matting for a superior ease of cleaning. These mats are for use in drier conditioned areas such as walkways and corridors, commercial and public buildings, universities, schools, nurseries, nursing homes, exhibition stand flooring and display areas.

Specialist wet area loose lay decorative vinyl duckboard matting with open construction drainage facility. They have embossed lightly ribbed surfacing for extra slip-resistant safety. These mats are great for use in: Washrooms, Cellars, Cold Storage Rooms, Balconies, Laundries and Ships. Also in oily or wet industrial areas i.e. by machines, assembly and packing lines, in gangways in kitchens, bars, etc.

Roof walkway safety matting provides all weather safe access on flat roofs for maintenance of roof services. Roof mats are UV resistant impervious to all weathers and due to its open grid design provides permanent slip resistance even in areas where water may pool.

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