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Aluminium Entrance Matting

Heavy duty entrance matting is advisable for entrances in commercial, industrial and public buildings with a steady stream of traffic. Entrance mats are highly effective in preventing dirt, grit and moisture from entering the building; this prolongs the life of entrance flooring and reduces maintenance costs to keep your entrance area clean and safe. Entrance logo mats also act as a slip resistant barrier between the outside and interior.

Apart from these advantages, nearly all entrance matting requirements concerning shape as well as colour are available from Bathgate Flooring. In some areas or rooms with exceptionally high traffic it is advisable to use heavy duty matting as the flooring product.

Logo mats are the perfect way for your company to project a positive first impression, whilst protecting your internal floor coverings from a dirt and moisture. Our logo mats are manufactured using the latest computer technology to reproduce your logo or other unique designs (custom-cutting accurate inlays to produce exceptional results). Logo mats also come in various material options, sizes, colours & styles.

Company logo door mats are designed to be placed within matwells or laid onto existing floor surfaces.

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