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Glass Floor Tiles

Glass floor tiles have evolved into a highly sought after design element both residentially and commercially. Glass tiles for bathrooms and kitchens are the new fashion in interior design sweeping across the UK for their sleek look turning regular rooms into modern desirable spaces. Glass tiles are widely used in the commercial sector such as shops, nightclubs, bars and offices.

Glass floor tiles with their iridescent qualities are an exquisite complement to natural stone and porcelain tiles. The wide range of colours and designs make them an extremely versatile product.

Glass tiles are not only beautiful, they also are ecologically sound, resulting in a rapidly growing popularity and demand for recycled glass tiles. They can be used in all tile applications, including pools, counters, wet rooms, showers and baths, as well as residential and commercial flooring projects.

Glass floor tiles are excellent at creating a stylish, contemporary look to any area. They are bright, attractive and easy to clean. Glass floor tiles can also have a non slip finish with the use of etching making them suitable for almost any location. Glass tiles are extremely hard wearing and durable which reduces their life cost significantly.

We offer a huge selection of high quality glass tiles in a spectacular range of all shapes, colours, texture and sizes, including rectangular, square and mosaic tiles. Our range of glass tiles is sourced from leading manufacturers around the world.

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